Títulos da hatOLOGY disponíveis na Trem Azul

Ran Blake / Anthony Braxton – A Memory of Vienna
Max Roach / Anthony Braxton – Two in One – One in Two 
Anthony Braxton – Charlie Parker Project
Anthony Braxton – Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978
Anthony Braxton – Seven Compositions (Trio) 1989
Anthony Braxton – Performance (Quartet) 1979
John Zorn / George Lewis / Bill Frisell – More News For Lulu
John Zorn – Cobra
Cecil Taylor Unit – The Eighth
Gerry Hemingway Quintet – Demon Chaser
Daniele D’Agaro / Ernst Glerum / Han Bennink – Strandjutters
Clusone 3 – Soft Lights and Sweet Music
Dave Douglas Tiny Bell Trio – Constellations
Uwe Oberg / Christof Thewes / Micheal Griener – Lacy Pool
Sun Ra Arkestra – Sunrise in Different Dimensions
Joe McPhee / Lisle Ellis / Paul Plimley – Sweet Freedom Now Suite
Lee Konitz / Don Friedman / Attila Zoller – Thingin
Marc Copland Trio – Haunted Heart
Jackson Harrison Trio – Land Tides
Jon Lloyd – Four and Five
eRikm & Fennesz – Complementary Contrasts
David Murray – 3D Family
Vienna Art Orchestra – A Notion in Perpetual Motion
Westbrook – Rossini
Max Roach / Archie Shepp – The Long March


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